Portable Drive Trick

Here’s a simple way to mount your usb-powered portable drives safely out of the way while you work with your laptop. All you need is a package of stick-on velcro pads.


laptop back

velcro pads

Stick eight of the soft-side pads to the back of your screen as shown in the pictures. Then attach four of the scratchy pads to each drive. very solid mounting and yet very easy to remove in seconds. Happy computing!

extrenal drives 2external drives

© 2014 Leo Bidne

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  1. Kristine

    Yes, I now have permanent fuzzy Velcro fits on my laptop…which was what held me up from doing this earlier. I finally caved and did it, because I was tired of accidentally bumping the cord/drive and the connection dropping.

    Velcro dots? Meh. Doing this is SO worth it! Makes using portable drives SO much easier! And no more dropped connections!


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