Things Dad Taught Me

“This is middle C.”

“Nobody’s better or worse than you. Whatever your level in life, treat everyone like an individual.”

“Stick to your guns.” *

“Listen to your mother.”

“The most valuable possession in your life is your sense of humor. If you lose your sense of humor, you’ve lost everything.”

“Don’t try to make a career out of music. Those people are crazy!” +

“I doesn’t matter if you make a lot of money or a little money, as long as it’s steady.”

“Take care of your family.”

“You come into this world naked, and you leave naked.”


* Dad was a decorated soldier who spent World War Two as a tail gunner on a B-17. After his last mission he never boarded another plane again.

+ I know what he meant now!.  Couldn’t help it though .He always came to my performances anyway and cheered me on. Thanks Dad!

© 2014 Leo Bidne

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  1. Sherrie

    Wow, i am so glad I found this blog. Dad taught much.


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