Tips For The Gig

Show up on time.

Be pleasant.

Set up quickly and with little fuss.

Listen and take management concerns seriously, no matter how strange or ridiculous. Reassure through words and actions. Keep checking back and make sure their expectations are being met.

Don’t party at the party. It’s their party, not your party. You’re here to facilitate THEIR good time. Party on your own later – preferably somewhere else.

Don’t be surprised if management has no real interest in what you actually do. Their main concern is bringing in large crowds of big-spending customers, not in building your fan base. This is not necessarily a bad thing – you can BOTH get what you want if you do it right.

Could their business make more money hiring a DJ instead of you? Probably. Earn your place.

The crowd is looking for fun and excitement, not abuse. Watch your volume.

Take appropriate breaks. Keep ’em short. Give ’em all their money’s worth.

When it’s over thank everyone individually for hosting you, no matter how much money you made.

Now tear down and get lost!

Playing venues come and go, but a band goes on and on. If you want to keep working you’ll need to build a reputation not only as a cracking good group but also, weirdly enough, as responsible and reliable people, and there’s no better place to do this than at the gig.

© 2014 Leo Bidne


  1. Bob Lawrence-Markarian

    Very well put, Leo. I’m glad that we follow these guidelines – it makes us welcome back to the venues.

  2. jonathon promer

    Great Stuff!


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