Wanna Learn Something New? Start a Project – Part 1

“I’ve always wanted to do it, but I’m always too busy. I wish I had more time.”

Seems like every day I have a conversation with somebody who says something like this. Usually it’s after I ask about what they’ve been up to. After I hear the usual “Oh, just working,” I’ll ask them about their interests. Their eyes light up as they talk about their passion. It’s like they’re a whole different person.

“If only I had more time!”


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Time always finds a way to fill up the available space in your life with certain grim practical realities and responsibilities, like making a living, paying the bills, taking care of kids, etc. Just about everybody deals with this stuff, yet some still manage to accomplish big things anyway. How?


Think about it – why didn’t you ever finish learning how to play that guitar? Why didn’t you build that big shop in the back yard and start restoring cars? Why didn’t you ever learn to sing, hang glide in the mountains of Tibet, start that traveling puppet show, cut off the bottom of your shoes, live in a tree house and learn to play the flute?

Most people occasionally awaken from the drudgery of their lives with a burning desire to “finally just do it” and pick up that instrument or start that hobby or write that book, and with great resolve they begin, yet after a short period of time start drifting back into familiar patterns, then finally notice their momentum is gone, and they’re no closer to their goal than they were before.

“Oh well,” they say,”I guess I wouldn’t have been any good at it anyway.”

What happened?


There’s an interesting post I ran across recently:


It’s a series of pie charts showing how several famous and productive people spent their time during a single 24 hour day. Compare these schedules to your own. Not much different, are they? They had the very same amount of time that you and I and anybody else has ever had, and yet look at what they’ve accomplished!

Well folks, I’m here to tell you that you actually CAN find the time and make your dreams come true, just like they did. Are you ready?


A PROJECT is different than a GOAL. A goal is nebulous, like a New Years resolution, stated in December and forgotten by February. A project is:

” . . . a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.”

Unlike a goal, a PROJECT follows a PLAN, and has a CONCRETE beginning and end.

It’s having a plan that makes it all work. You no longer have to crowd your life out of the way to do what you want to do. As you implement your project it BECOMES your life!

It’s a lot easier to study and learn new things (and stick with it) when you’re engaged and keen to learn what you need in order to finish it.

In Part Two I’ll describe how I turned learning into a one-man project to write, shoot, edit and premiere my first narrative, action sci-fi film.

© 2014 Leo Bidne

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